Fort Wayne Fire Stations - #15

Fire Station 15 was the fourth station built for the City of Fort Wayne based upon a prototypical design created by MartinRiley. Prior to the first station, MartinRiley worked with the Fort Wayne Fire Department to create a programming document applicable to future stations. All stations featured quick internal response via multiple routes from residential section to apparatus bay. Time studies of this circulation pattern indicated that seconds were cut from the traverse from residential space to apparatus bay. The bunk rooms are located as far as possible from ambient internal and external noise sources, efficient kitchens and workout room and secondary day room in a second floor location. Office space for a district chief was included as well as a an accessible community room with kitchen and restroom facilities. Subsequent fire stations built by the City of Fort Wayne have been built upon the same basic floor plan that was developed by MartinRiley in their prototypical design.

10,000 SF / 6,000 SF apparatus bay
2 bays – double loaded
Drive through design

Additional Fort Wayne Fire Stations based on this Prototype: Fire Station No. 13, Fire Station No. 10, Fire Station no. 8.


Ron Ross