Baker Street Renovation

Constructed between 1912-14, the historic, Arts and Crafts style, Pennsylvania Railroad Station was the most architecturally significant station of the four that once ushered the traveling public into and out of the City of Fort Wayne. The architecturally significant station concourse was renovated and restored to its former glory with its stained glass windows, terrazzo flooring, marble border, barrel vaulted ceiling and classic architrave mouldings. It is used for public space such as receptions, performances, parties or the like. One goal in the concourse restoration was to maintain the capability of the space to be used as a train station if the opportunity for train travel out of Fort Wayne again becomes a possibility. To that end, access to the tracks and baggage handling facilities were maintained but simply blocked off. This choice did not reduce the usable space in the concourse and left the door open for possibility.


Ron Ross

Aimee Shimasaki

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