Covington Elementary School

At this new 90,000 SF elementary school, special emphasis was put on natural lighting, technology, security, and systems efficiency. The four linear academic wings allow for easy grouping of grades, and optimum access to natural light in each classroom. The central common area has an open clerestory that floods natural light into shared spaces like the art and science rooms, media center, and learning center. Smaller clerestories in each wing allows natural light even to the circulation space.

Technology plays a big part in this new facility; every two classrooms has a shared computer pod in addition to computers in the classroom and a large, central interactive media center and computer lab. Security and building control also drove the design; from a single point of the administrative office, personnel observe and control normal building access points: main entrance, bus entrance and parent drop off entrance. Additionally, the community areas - gym, cafeteria, stage and volunteer work room - can be isolated from the rest of the building for after school functions.

Environmental control and comfort is facilitated by ground water (geothermal) heat pumps. Each classroom has control of its own heating and cooling level with monitoring and master control off-site. This was the first geothermal building for the school corporation and has since achieved an energy star rating of 91. its standout efficiency has made it the model for all new construction.


Lisa Weaver

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