Columbia City Aquatic Center

The Columbia City Aquatic Center will reuse the existing 1.24 acre set where the existing Burnworth Pool is located. The existing buildings and pool will be demolished. The new main entrance and access to the facility will be off of the existing high school parking lot to the south. This will allow for better access to parking adjacent to the main entrance of the facility. Four buildings will be constructed, pump house (1327 sf) for the pool equipment, bath house (1170 sf) for the restrooms and showers, office building with concession stand (1830 sf), and storage building with outdoor pavilion (1268 sf).

The project includes a 25 meter competition pool with starting blocks and 1 meter diving board, ‘lily pad’ walk, two 15’-0” high slides (one open and one enclosed), vortex channel, zero entry area with play structure including two small slides and a variety of spray features, and a splash pad. The surface of the water is approximately 8223 sf) and the splash pad area is 1289 sf. The facility has concrete deck for deck chairs, landscaping, and shade structures.

In addition to the aquatic facility a location is being developed to allow for an outdoor ice-skating rink to allow for year around use of the facility.


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