Bluffton-Harrison Elementary School

The Bluffton-Harrison Metropolitan School District board members engaged The Hagerman Briner BHMSD Design-Build Team as the design-builder for the renovation and expansion of Bluffton-Harrison Elementary School in Bluffton, Indiana. This 134,000 SF project will provide the community, the school and its staff, parents and, most importantly the students of Bluffton-Harrison Elementary, a quality place of learning for today and tomorrow. Key elements of the project include:

- New Classroom Wing: 15,627 SF
- New Kitchen and Cafeteria: 12,561 SF
- New Administrative Suite/Main Entrance: 7,836 SF
- Interior renovation, program changes and
building systems upgrades: 48,674 SF
- Roof replacement
- Exterior masonry repairs
- Site upgrades on 34.8 Acres
- Parking lot expansion
- Bus route improvements
- Car/rider drop off / car stacking improvements

The construction phasing and scheduling was carefully developed to take full advantage of summer months, relocate students as little as possible, and keep the elementary school fully functional during the process.


Lisa Gulick

Jeremy Brickey

Ed Bradley

Brody Callaghan

Shane Currie

Paige Livingston

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