DeKalb County Airport

This project consisted of an upscale and elegant renovation and addition of amenities to the existing FBO to cater to clients who fly in for the annual Auburn Cord Duesenberg Festival and Auction. This major update had a construction cost of $295,525.00, touched approx. 5,200 SF and included renovations to the passenger waiting area, operations counter, front office areas, public restrooms, kitchenette, pilot’s lounge, flight planning rooms, as well as lighting, power and technology upgrades, the renovation of one existing vestibule, and the addition of a second.

High-end finishes were utilized, including solid surface countertop and window sills, glass countertops and luxury vinyl tiles for flooring. A magenta line designed into the floor pattern is a representation of the flight pattern used by pilots. The magenta line is also used as a wayfinding cue to navigate the flight crew and visitors through the interior.

Renderings and opinions of probable cost were also submitted for future exterior upgrades to enhance curb appeal.


Aimee Shimasaki

Dan Wonderly

Lisa Gulick

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