Riverside Gardens

Riverside Gardens is an existing site and park in Leo-Cedarville, which lies along side the St. Joseph River in Allen County Indiana. The concept for the design of the new amenities for Riverside Gardens project was to build upon the garden theme. The concept was incorporated into the the selection of the splash pad equipment, the design of the playground equipment and signage.

Material selections of the playcreek stone, raised planting bed material, and landscaping reinforce the garden feel of the design. River rock was incorporated into the concrete mix for the finish surface of the playcreek to provide a more 'natural' looking finish. Colored concrete was used for the the splash pad concrete pad in order to designate the play area as well as provide an 'earth' color for the splash pad features.

The layout of the splash pad, playground, picnic tables, benches, and raised planting beds was designed to create zones for different activities. Each area has been designed to have its own gateway to signify leaving one area and entering a new area. The layout was designed to allow parents/guardians to be able to site in many different locations, but be able to see the entire area in order to observe multiple children playing in different areas. The improvements provide full ADA accessibility to the splash pad, picnic areas, playground, playcreek, and walking trails.

The splash pad was designed to allow for smaller children to play at the perimeter of the park and move towards the center as they become more comfortable.

The playground was also designed to allow for many different types of play, imaginary play, speech development, group play, and physical play.

The project provided improvements to the 11.4 Acre site, which included the following;
sand volleyball
horseshoe pits
half mile concrete walking trail
half acre pond
shade structures
benches and picnic tables
maintenance shed


Aimee Shimasaki

Dan Wonderly

John Dockrey

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