Plymouth Congregational Church

Two goals focused this project at Plymouth
Congregational Church: improve the appearance of the Narthex, Nave and Chancel and improve ADA
accessibility with internal ramps and a grade level porte-cochere. A number of pews were either removed or reconfigured to make the Nave more accessible and the Chancel platform was lowered to improve sight lines.

The interiors were dated with cool colors dominating throughout the floor, pews, walls and ceiling. The
ceiling of the Nave has overall, rose-coffered detail with intricate, naturalistic grape and leaf, plaster
ornamentation. These artistic elements were
enhanced through choice of colors and textures from glazes to flat finishes. The intricate relief detail pattern in the ceiling was incorporated into the new carpet that was laid throughout the nave. All wood trim, including the pews, were refinished with a rich wood stain that complimented the warmer colors on the walls and ceiling.

The Nave and Narthex were also reconfigured to improve fellowship and those with accessibility needs can now freely move about within the entire complex.
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