Randolph Center for Family Opportunity

The Randolph County Hospital was replaced and the county took back its old hospital that (in part) dated to the late 19th Century. MartinRiley was commissioned to assess the condition of the building, developed options and budgets for renovation. The firm worked with potential tenants to create plans and budgets for their space needs, worked with the building owners to develop lease rates for the capital and maintenance funding of the building. The result of these efforts is a renovation and reuse of a 65,000 SF, structurally sound building that has the proper financial base for its continued operation. The building is fully occupied. MartinRiley did the initial physical assessment, conducted the feasibility study, developed the economic rational, generated support documents for a Lilly Grant, developed schematic floor plans and exterior renderings, designed and developed the promotion booklet that helped sell the idea to the voters, designed the renovation, oversaw the renovation, designed the dedication booklet and stood in the background for the ribbon cutting as the community congratulated itself for having the vision and commitment to turn a liability into an asset.


Ron Ross

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