A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... (okay, not really), but more than a quarter century ago, two men, Mr. Victor Martin and Mr. John Riley, in the midst of successful, professional, architectural careers met and developed a great idea. And so, begins the story:

Victor Martin, AIA, IIDA, Founding Partner
Vic, (BS Architecture - University of Oklahoma and Graduate of the Harvard School of Design) was relentless in his pursuit to understand clients needs. What set Vic apart was his ability to make every encounter a very entertaining process. He continually exhibited professionalism, passion and comedy with every situation presented.

John Riley, AIA, RRC, Founding Partner
John (BS Architecture - Delta College) was instrumental in combining the value of design with the durability of the building envelope. His technical expertise provides clients reassurance along with advocacy. Don't let the mustache and serious demeanors fool you, he has a gracious smile and a melting heart for his grandkids.

Vic's individual strengths were apparent in the initial meeting between he and John. Vic's local upbringings, his flair for exceptional design, and of course a laugh to make a crowd around him chuckle, were only highlights to an extensive architectural past. Adding in the ability for engineering and technical details, John set the standard high for architecture firms around to follow. His leadership is truly inspirational and his enthusiasm to uphold the mission and live the philosophy is evident in his presence.

Since 1986, with each of these individuals skills combined, the firm has grown to sustain the mission of creative design solutions supported by superior technical and engineering expertise. This mission reflects the goal of purposeful and aesthetically pleasing work--becoming the brand of intentional design at MartinRiley. This is reflected in work that has integrity for efficient operation, environmental honesty, practicality and more importantly, client satisfaction.

Over the years, the partnership has grown. People, designs, ideas, materials and technology have evolved, but the commitment and philosophy of intentional design is practiced throughout our entire studio. Intentional design reaches across disciplines and informs both the business and creative model to craft environments that are purposeful and generate design solutions that reflect a focus on aesthetics, ecology and the human psyche.

As these two gentlemen embark on their next journey (known to some as semi-retirement because we just can't seem to get rid of them), we're confident that true client relationships will continue to exist. When you come to MartinRiley, you get both strong design and, equally important, strong technical skills on every project. These strengths remain the hallmark of the firm and the reasons that some clients first know us and the reasons others have remained with us.